The members of the legal team at H.B. CAVALCANTI E MAZZILLO ADVOGADOS, act in several areas of the Law, which are summarized further on, by drafting pertinent documents, petitions, awards, contracts and legal opinions, and by representing their Clients before the Courts of Justice, State, Federal and Electoral, in its various instances, including, the Superior Electoral Court, the Superior Court of Justice and the Federal Supreme Court.

Additionally – our Lawyers represent the interests of Clients at Federal, State and Municipal administrative organs, municipal entities, public companies and mixed-economy companies, at the three levels of government authority. Our team also acts on behalf of clients before the Courts of Auditors of the Union, the Court of Auditors of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Court of Auditors of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, as well as at other Courts and Arbitration Chambers in general.


We offer services in arbitration, both in the civil and the commercial areas; draft petitions and reports, besides having international experience at the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Civil Law

In this area of the Law, we offer extensive experience in corporate obligations and contracts in general; leases and rentals; corporate law; partnerships; non-governmental organizations; individual rights and issues related to ownership, possession and condominiums; family law, separation and divorce proceedings; successions, inventories and wills; civil responsibility; consumers’ rights.

Corporate and Commercial Law

More specifically, the Firm offers services in incorporation of companies; mergers, consolidations; spin-offs; commercial contracts; anti-trust and competition law.

Business Law (Bankruptcy Law – Chapter 11)

The services provided by our Firm extend to reorganization of companies; bankruptcy and/or insolvencies.

Sports Law

The services provided by our Firm also extend to legal advice on compliance of regulations and procedures with the applicable legislation; defense before competent bodies for the assessment of administrative and / or judicial proceedings; drafting of Legal Opinions; incorporation of specific companies; sponsorship contracts; image-use agreements; brand licensing; representation at the Arbitral Court of Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Intellectual Property Law

This area of the Law involves rules and procedures governing trademarks, patents, copyrights, technology transfer, licensing agreements and legal challenges.

Administrative Law

Desapropriação, servidões e contratos administrativos em geral; processos licitatórios e editais; atuação perante os Tribunais de Contas nos três níveis de poder.

Electoral Law

The partners of the Firm act before the Regional Electoral Courts, The Superior Electoral Court and The Supreme Federal Court; provide legal advice and counselling on electoral law and election campaigns; examine documents; draft petitions and appeals.

Criminal Law

This area of the Law involves: electoral crimes; crimes against the public administration; crimes against the environment; money laundering offenses; crimes against tax legislation; crimes against the financial system; crimes against the popular economy; crimes against the capital market; crimes against consumer relations; crimes against intellectual property; larceny and other fraudulent actions; bankruptcy crimes; internet crimes; crimes of lesser offensive potential (Special Criminal Courts); legal assistance in the case of public prosecution.

Tax Law

In this area of the Law, the Firm provides legal counselling and advice on tax litigation issues; personal and corporate income tax (IRPF and IRPJ); social charges and contributions (CSLL, COFINS, PIS); tax contributions related to payroll; intervention contributions in the economic domain; tax on the circulation of goods and services (ICMS); service tax (ISS); transmission tax –  causes mortis and donations; tax relief; immunity; exemptions; taxes on foreign trade; taxation of Brazilian capital abroad and foreign capital tax in Brazil; structuring of business projects.